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Thank Goodness it’s Monday!

TGIM- Who says that? Right?!?! Here is a quick reminder to change your mindset. A new week is a great time to allow yourself to just start over. Breathe and reboot!

I hope you all are recovering well from the weekend! It was a full moon weekend AND daylight savings. If you are like me and dabble in the thoughts of how energy, gravity, magnetism, etc, affects us then you may be wondering how this weekend may have affected us.

Personally, I don’t feel any different. I didn’t notice much of a difference in Calista, but that’s not to say that nothing more subtle is happening. I know working on an ambulance and in an ER makes me really believe that SOMETHING has to be happening. I really do feel like we see more people with psych complaints and seizures than normal. Like the ocean’s tides, are there “tides” at work with in our bodies? They are made up of 75% water! I know a lot of women who believe that the moon phases also affect their cycle.

Just so many theories. Who knows if they are true, but they do seem to give a lot of people a “reason” to do something that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. There are moon phase self care practices listed all over the internet.

I always tell my students, at the end of a yoga class, to scan their bodies and notice any changes from the beginning of class, however subtle it may be. Whether it is good or bad, just take note. This should really be a habit that we create in our daily life. We all really do need to tune into our bodies more and listen to them. Take better care of our vehicle. It truly is the only one that we have.

Maybe this full moon, all this added light to our day, and new week is a good time for you to scan your body. Make note of how you are feeling, where you might need some work, and make a plan to get something started.

I wish you a great week!


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