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Read about my transformation here —-> http://stepontomymat.com/?s=transformation


But I am not the only one with a story…..


Desirae Clayborn carved out the abs of her dreams with 21 Day Fix Extreme and CORE DE FORCE. You can stream these workouts and hundreds more for an entire year with an all-access pass to Beachbody On Demand.

She says: “I love, love, loveeeee BOD! I like the convenience of working out from home, but occasionally I just need to get out of the house. I love that I can take BOD anywhere and stream my workouts straight to my phone! I also really enjoy trying new programs and becoming more familiar with the Beachbody library. The workouts were short, the meal plan was easy and affordable to follow, and every single day was something different! … I am most proud of my abs! I’ve NEVER had abs like I do now! Everything just feels better when you’re fit.”



SAHM Bambie Wiyninger proves that fun workouts can produce BIGTIME results. She shed 83 lbs while dancing in her living room with Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs.  She’s excited to try new Beachbody programs, and with an all-access pass to Beachbody On Demand for $99 per year, she could do our entire catalog, which features more super fun dance-inspired workouts like CIZE, Brazil Butt Lift, and the new Country Heat! It’s the greatest deal in fitness. Learn more at SOMM All-Access Membership.

Bambie says: “Hip Hop Abs is a great workout, and it’s so much fun. I look forward to my workouts. My 4 year-old son now dances along with me, and it’s become ‘our special dance time.’ I have completed many rounds, but it’s still challenging enough that I’m still seeing results and not bored! I know the moves by heart and still catch myself Tilt, Tuck, and Tightening as I cook dinner. I have lost 83 lbs.! I am wearing clothes with confidence, and for the first time in a really long time I am smiling on the inside and outside! It’s amazing how much better life feels when you are healthy and confident! I have a new life. My weight-loss journey isn’t over, but I’m motivated to keep going. Hip Hop Abs has given me my energy and confidence back!”



It takes hard work to achieve results like this, but it doesn’t have to take all day. Busy mom-of-THREE Kaitlin Watkins shed 60 lbs with workouts that are just 25 to 30 mins per day! She used Focus T25 and Insanity MAX:30.

She says, “Before starting T25 I was so unhappy in my own body. I wasn’t confident at all and hid behind baggy clothing. I’m a stay at home mom of three boys, and I felt tired playing with them. I was at my heaviest weight of 174 lbs after having my them all within 5 years. I was eating poorly and not exercising at all. My family stays pretty busy, and I’m always on the go. I got into the habit of snacking on unhealthy things and going thru the drive thru at fast food. I made excuses that I did not have enough time to go to the gym with 3 kids. T25 proved to me that I could make becoming healthy a reality while still being a good mom!”



On most days, Lisa Magruder only works out for 30 mins or less, and she does it at home with minimal equipment using a variety of fitness programs that you can stream online with an annual all-access pass to Beachbody On Demand.

Lisa says: “I have lost 43 pounds and gained a lot of confidence! I feel amazing with who I am all around — physically, emotionally, and mentally! I like that a lot of the Beachbody workouts are only 30 minutes or less, and they pushed me beyond what I thought I could do to help me grow stronger and better. And, they were fun!”



It takes powerful tools to carve out a big transformation like this, and you can have them all bundled together with a BOD All-Access Challenge Pack with Shakeology. It’s the total fitness solution. With a year of access to the world-class fitness programs on Beachbody On Demand combined with the portion-fix nutrition plan, Shakeology, and the support of her Challenge Groups, SAHM Crystal Gaugler burned off 70 lbs and 65 inches from all over her body.

Crystal says: “I was inspired by the Success Stories on the Beachbody sites. I knew their programs are very well developed, and I would get results if I stuck to them. Fortunately, I always had my Coach and Challenge Group there to keep me going. I have enjoyed all 6 of the Beachbody programs I’ve done so far. The workouts are set up for any exercise level, and the eating plan was really easy to follow. I love Beachbody on Demand, and I use it exclusively now. It’s so convenient! My life has done a complete 180! I have lost 70.5 pounds and 65 inches total. I feel strong! I am so proud of what I’ve accomplished.”


Jocelyn -43 pounds and counting with a variety of Beachbody fitness programs and Shakeology. Overall she has completed 21 Day Fix, CIZE, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, and Country Heat.

“My postpartum body gave me a big shocker and was a wake-up call. I made sure to show myself some love when I looked in the mirror and got to work, even with a three-month-old. I started doing 21 Day Fix and little by little I began to get stronger, confident, and mentally stronger. I suffered from postpartum anxiety and working out was one of the avenues that helped me.”


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