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Kirk Hallett Richmond, Va June 2014

Program-T25 and Shakeology

Jennifer Jennings and I (Kirk Hallett) would like to thank Stephie Wharam for her assistance in starting our weight loss journey. I guess to give you a review of her as a coach you would need some back story.

My fiancée and I are your typical extremely busy couple working most days with little time for fun, life and ourselves. One of the things we struggled with was eating healthy. Mainly because it was simpler to go and grab a meal with our busy lifestyles than it was to make a grocery list, go to the store, cook the food and store food and of course the dishes. Who enjoys doing dishes, Jennifer that’s who hahaha. No one. This caused both of us to gain weight and be the biggest that either of us had ever been. We tried P90X and Insanity but was unable to find enough time to dedicate to these programs. This caused us to fall short and fall into the stigma that most people do. I am too busy for fitness and fitness can’t help me.

This is where Stephie came in. I work on an ambulance and get to see her allot at the hospital she works for. She told me that she was a beach body coach and was looking to start a fitness challenge. Of course, my initial answer was my go to “I work too much and don’t have time to complete a fitness program”. She talked to me about my schedule and helped me see that I could workout within the time constrictions I had. She started by helping me to a fitness program that she felt would help me reach my goal. She didn’t try to sell me the program she attempted to sell me, me. How does someone sell you, you? I didn’t think it could happen but she did it without me realizing. She sold me on what I could be not what I am, what I would become and challenged me to become a better person but in a positive way. She never said hey fatty go lose weight lol. She helped me see how it would help me in my job, my personal life and my health. So, I decided to take her up on this challenge and see what I could become. So I went home to talk it over with my fiancé and she worked with and talked with Stephie and saw the same things. So we said alright let’s order T25 and do this. Before the program even arrived, Stephie did a week of pre-gaming with us. No, I don’t mean alcohol or eat everything you want before you go on your diet because you never see again. She spent that week challenging us to look at food differently and to look at healthy meal choices (less processed foods, healthy drinks and eating habits). This was a tremendous help. I had heard about nutrition from work but never went into detail about. She helped us see the benefits of healthy diet and gave tips on how to make it more affordable. Allowing my fiancé and me to actually being able to follow through and build a healthier lifestyle.

So what happened next. We started our 90-day challenge. But we were defiantly not alone Stephie set up other people. She stimulated conversations to help us see that we were going through some of the same struggles associated with making these big changes. She also was great at giving immediate feedback to any post good or bad. Stephie did this in a positive way. She helped us see where we could grow and guided us to stay on track. She is incredibly motivational and inspirational seeing the hard work she puts in daily in her fitness journey. We found ourselves loving the program. We actually look forward to working out. We found sometimes the best part of our day were the workouts. My fiancé stepped up and started making some great recipe dishes that I am loving. They are filling and healthy and do not require sacrificing our favorite meals. (Her lasagna is the bomb).

So what happened when we finished? In our first round, I lost over 30 lbs and my fiancé lost 15 lbs. We are loving the energy boost. But we aren’t done yet. We still have away to go to get our ideal bodies. We haven’t finished building muscle or shaping our bodies the way we want and that is our next goal.

So why am I writing this? I know it’s hard to find a path and get into shape and learn which way to go through this maze of healthy eating and exercise. If you’re looking for someone to help motivate you, guide you, and maybe even in our case become a good friend, then check Stephie Wharam out to help you become a better you. It’s in each one of us, and sometimes it takes somebody like Stephie to help us see it.

Thank you again for everything Stephie Wharam. Looking for to the next fitness challenge. ~Kirk Hallett

Bethanie Nettleton, July 2014

Stephie is a wonderful, patient, and loving teacher! She is excellent to work with as she does her best to help you succeed and get the results you were looking for! Highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to realize their inner worth through getting healthy and fit!

Maribeth Hernandez, July 2014

Stephie’s yoga classes are among the best! Her teaching style moves through different poses so smoothly. I always leave class feeling so relaxed and refreshed.

Elaina Schramm Richmond, Va. October 2014

“Went to the doctor for my annual visit today… Great news all around but the best news is that I am 20lbs lighter than I was at this time last year! Thanks to my friend, Stephie Wharam, for encouraging me to give Beachbody & T25 a chance! I owe you big time, partner!!!”

Kyle Johnson, December 2014

On a continued goal to share love, peace, health and fitness. I love coming here to get some good insight and a smile to my day!

Anonymous Richmond, Va. January 2015



Anonymous Richmond, Va. February 2015



Anonymous Richmond, Va. February 2015


Anonymous Richmond, Va. February 2015


Nicole Marshall, August 2016

This chic is bad ass!!! #dontargue #facts #itsscience

Annoynomous October, 2016

Naomi, March 2017

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