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PiYo: An Honest Review


So, I was trying to show a friend of mine at work one of these PiYo moves. Man it was so hard because at first I had my shoes on and that didn’t work, then I took my shoes off and my socks made me slide on the floor. So, off came the socks and STILL my clothes made it hard for me to move, I was stepping on the bottom of my pants, and since I was struggling with all of this I was falling over and laughing. That really made it hard, but dang it was so fun.

I had to show off PiYo because I really do love it. I am, and have been, an avid yogi for like 6 years now. However, I am NOT a fan of pilates. PiYo is supposed to be yoga and pilates influenced, so I really, really apprehensive at first. I am really the kind of person to have an open mind, I will try anything once, and admit it when something is really AWESOME when I initially thought it would suck. That is the case here….I was wrong. Yep, I said it.

What I love about PiYo is that it seems more like yoga than pilates, but to be fair I am not very familiar with pilates to even recognize what is a pilates move. There are very familiar yoga moves. This is awesome because we all know how GREAT yoga is and I firmly believe that everyone needs it! The program starts off with a very detailed alignment explanation to help everyone, even if you have never done a single yoga or pilates move in your life. Each workout thereafter builds on one another, starting of slow, gentle, and easy and building up as you become more familiar and get stronger.

There is no equipment needed; just a mat and your body. There is always someone demoing modifications and Chalene brings her usual motivational, cheerful, happy, and encouraging personality that I LOVE!

As an avid yogi and instructor, I am doing yoga no less than 4 times a week on top of my own fitness regime. I was worried that I wasn’t going to get a “workout” doing this. I consider myself in great shape seeing as I do workout 5-6 times a week and do yoga as often as I do. However, Chalene has really done a great job of putting her own knowledge to use and putting a spin on some of the poses to challenge you. I know that I am using muscles that I don’t use in yoga or other workouts because my muscles are sore. I love that feeling, it makes me feel like I am really doing something. Also, I am getting a good sweat on and we aren’t jumping around, no crazy moves, nothing is fast, it is really just using our bodies for strength while also creating length, space, and flexibility in our bodies.

The core workout is my favorite so far with buns in a VERY close second. I rarely find a workout that makes me feel like I am making a dent in my core. PiYo is the first to do that for me. The Buns workout has made my buns sore and who doesn’t want to know that their backside is improving?!?!?!?!

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