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My Eating/Nutrition Plan

clean eating

I follow a clean eating plan. Plain and simple it is real food, not food from a box or package, no fast food, nothing processed, all with minimal chemicals…our bodies do not recognize that crap.

Eating healthfully or nutritiously does not mean having to follow a strict diet or cutting out food groups. Nor does it mean buying everything organic.


Fruits & Vegetables

Complex Carbs

Healthy Fat


All necessary for the cells of our bodies to function properly. Read my detailed post about that here: http://stepontomymat.com/food-faddism/

That being said, portion control is also key. You CAN overeat on healthy foods as well that can lead to weight gain or trouble dropping pounds. To help me with this I follow The 21 Day Fix meal plan with portion control containers. It has been great in teaching me what is the proper portions for my body and goals.

I am excited that a cookbook, Fixate, has come out to compliment this plan with 101 recipes and how it meets the portion control system. I was telling my wellness community that I’ve now made a bunch of the Fixate recipes. All are awesome. Totally worth the $16 (now $19.95). It’s the only cookbook I’ve ever bought and of the ones that I have, that were gifted to me, it’s the only one that I’ve consistently used.

However, I do eat at fast food from time to time. I do eat non “clean” foods, etc. I believe that if we completely deprive ourselves of things that we enjoy then we will hate the work that we do on a regular basis to reach our goals. As long as you eat healthfully/nutritiously 80% of the time and have a regular fitness regime then you WILL meet your goals!


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