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DSC_7207Why do we meditate? How do we meditate? What happens when we meditate? What are some meditation practices?

We meditate to focus on the present, to become more aware. Meditation helps to center the mind and thoughts creating focus and allowing us to filter our thoughts. Through meditation we gain insight and clarity to help us process emotions and issues. Meditation teaches us to witness or observe our thoughts and weed out what isn’t necessary.

Patanjali teaches that we withdraw from the senses, Pratyahara. Concentrate, Dharana. Finally, meditate, Dhyana. For best results, create a regular practice, get comfortable and set a space, seek stillness and quiet.

In meditation there are 4 states of consciousness:

Beta or awake state-rapid firing of ideas, senses, processing

Alpha or lucid state-relaxation, creativity, awareness, and imagination

Theta or sleep/dream state-REM sleep, heightened insight

Delta or deep sleep state-deep sleep, dreamless state.

Meditation moves us from Beta to Alpha state and improves our quality of metal thoughts.


Benefits of meditation:

Increased presence

Increased clarity

Increased calmness

Increased relaxation

Increased parasympathetic response

Increased sense of purpose

Increased sense of balance


There are several different forms or practices of meditation:

Breath Focus









“Good Morning America and Nightline co-anchor Dan Harris reveals how he relied on recreational drugs to cope with the stresses of being a war correspondent. After receiving an assignment to cover spirituality, this New York skeptic became an unlikely believer in meditation.”

Check out this quick tutorial on meditation

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