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How You Can Make a Life of Miracles


This morning before leaving for work I pulled out my phone to find a podcast, playlist, or anything to use for my #soulsunday ritual.

#soulsunday is a thing that I do every Sunday and share on social media to encourage others to stop, slow down, and do something that nourishes them, down to the core. I drive 45 minutes to work so podcasts or something similar are great for me.

Today I stumbled on this lecture/talk by Gabrielle Bernstein called Spiritual Freedom. From the start the song moved me to tears, that is what is currently playing. It is a mantra of protection, recited to provoke the protective energy of the universe. But what Gabby had to say was also so profound that I just had to take some time today to blog about it, share my thoughts on it, and add some extra information in there. I also plan to use this song in my yoga class playlist for the week and I now have a theme for the class.


So she starts with a centering/meditation and this song. She asks, “What did you come here for?” As in what are you looking to shift, heal, release, elevate, expand, enhance, let go of, etc. The “voice” that led you here, what is it saying or calling you to do? Now smile because you showed up!

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She goes on to talk about A Course in Miracles and how it teaches us that a miracle is a shift in perception. Specifically here she is speaking on shifting from littleness to magnitude. You see, we have a choice, free will, to choose HOW we experience life. We may not be able to choose WHAT happens, but we can choose HOW we experience it. We can choose to stop and see our judgments, fears, actions, gossiping, living in negativity, etc. From there we can choose to stop it. Therefore, making the choice to step out of that littleness into the magnitude that is the ALL that we are! And all that is LIFE.

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Finally she talks about these “stories” that happen to us in life that shape our thoughts/thought system, or how we experience life. In yoga, or in Indian philosophy, we call them Samskaras. It is the concept of imprints or impressions left on the mind/memory, conscious, but more specifically unconscious, by some past experience. Every action or intent by us leaves a samskara in the deeper structure of our mind. These impressions await fruition in our future by way of hidden expectations, circumstances, of unconscious sense of self-worth. Thus, impacting our sense of suffering, happiness, and contentness.


Going back to our ability to choose, we can open or expand our minds to know that our past experiences, thought patterns, education, upbringing, etc have these impressions on us. The can be good or bad, but we must become consciously aware of the fact that they affect HOW we live our life right now. We can choose to let them define us or we can choose to change them and make ourselves suffer less, feel happiness and contentment.

This is only about the first half of her talk. I cannot spoil the whole thing, but I HIGHLY recommend you downloading the audio and listening to it for your #soulsunday ritual. Find what nourishes your soul and do that!

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