My name is Stephanie, but I like to be called Stephie because I feel like it better represents the cute, lovey nature of who I am.  I am from and located in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. I am a very busy, active 32 year old. I work full time and go to college 3/4 time. I also teach three yoga classes a week, have a family, and find time for my own health and fitness. If I can find 4% or less a day to work out so can you! I love yoga and kickboxing. I am a registered yoga teacher and fitness coach with Beachbody. I love to inspire and help people. Fitness and nutrition are very important to me. I am loving and bubbly and talk A LOT :). I have a dog and two cats. That is me and my life :)

That was the short of it. the long of it is…In 2009, I needed a change in my life. I was getting out of an abusive relationship and I was really feeling like a terrible person; I hated life, I hated myself, and I did not have a positive outlook on my fellow human beings. I began to work out at the gym and taking kickboxing. At the gym I decided to take yoga classes. I hated yoga at first. I thought I was not “good” at it, it made me sweat a lot, and at times nauseous, but I saw that as a challenge and kept going back. Overtime my practice changed, I got better, I understood the practice better, and I began to change. Yoga started to become more than some physical poses that I did at the gym, it became a way of thinking, a way of feeling, a way of experiencing things, a way of responding to things, it was a way to find out who I am on the inside…my true self. Yoga is my way of life. It is love, compassion, positivity, honor, respect, patience, and connecting my mind and thoughts with my breath and body. Yoga has transformed me and my life. It taught me to seek love within myself and not to search for it in others. It taught me how to find strength and solace in the storms of life. It simply gave life a whole new meaning to me. It gave me a great way to express the immense amount of love that I have inside and the extreme connectedness that I feel for other beings. I began yoga teacher training to learn more and deepen my practice and that led me to have the strength to feel that I can give the gifts of yoga to others. My teaching and philosophy is simple, all we need is love. The physical changes that it made to my body became less important, but still an added bonus. I have met some of the most amazing, open-minded, loving, accepting people through yoga. I truly believe that yoga has a lot to teach others and I see myself as the tool to carry these lessons on. I want to make these lessons available to whoever wants, needs, or is drawn to them.

My ideas around fitness are not very different than my ideas around yoga. Being fit is a way of life…it is a lifestyle. I do not believe in fad diets or dieting. I believe in eating clean and healthfully as a way of life, every day. The choices that you make, even the seemingly insignificant ones, change you over time. In the beginning it is easy to get discouraged like I described I was with yoga, but if you keep to it, those changes add up over time to make the biggest effects in your life. That is why I become a Beachbody Fitness Coach; to help people with these little changes, to stick with them over time encouraging, inspiring, and coaching so that they can see overtime what a difference their little changes made.

I really admire the old school way of running businesses and doing favors for people. I like the old Ma and Pa business and tend to lean more of that school of thought. I will work with you and do the best for you that I can to make your experience the best that I can make it and if I am not the right fit for you then I will certainly send you in the direction of the best person I know what can provide that for you.

 I have given myself the nickname Yogikickboxer because I love Yoga and Kickboxing. This is who the Yogikickboxer is and the Step Onto My Mat mission. Fitness and yoga with the Yogikickboxer and Step Onto My Mat can be physical, spiritual, and/or educational. I will make it to fit you and your individual needs. I look forward to sharing the gifts of fitness yoga with you.

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