Baby Will Soon Be Here!

I haven’t posted in almost a month because I decided that I wanted to take a step back to enjoy the last month of my pregnancy, nurture myself and be with my family. Seeing as I am now 4 days past due and getting antsy to see our girl, I am finding it harder to […]

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Open message to the perpetually offended….


Recently I have had someone ask me when I was going to pop because I look miserable, then someone ask me if I was having twins, and lastly someone said that considering Bob isn’t a very big person and neither am I, that my belly is very big. Ummm, thank you? Ha ha ha. Luckily, […]

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Pregnancy: The One Thing I Didn’t Even Realize was Getting Me Through


I have never had a regular meditation practice like I have wanted to, but there are times in life that I realize just how much meditation is actually a regular part of my daily life even without all the formalities of finding a good spot, sitting on a special cushion, in a special cross legged […]

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Transform Your Life Through Yoga


Yoga, for many years, has actually been quite controversial. Some call it a religion, some make it all about physical fitness, some try to brand it as if it were something that was their invention, and so much more. I hate to get caught in the semantics of all of that because at the end […]

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Relieving hip, lower back, or sciatic pain


Today’s post is the first in a series on back pain. Please come back for more! Please feel free to share to¬†help others find some comfort in their bodies! “The sacroiliac is one of the joints in the pelvis, formed by two bones, the sacrum and the ilium. While there is a small amount of […]

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February Monthly Savings


I tallied my money saving for the month. If you haven’t seen my posts before I shop exclusively at Walmart because we live too far away from other stores and the time & gas it would take to get to some of the other stores would negate the savings. I use coupons, the ibotta app, […]

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How to prepare for labor

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I knew LONG before I was ever even trying to become pregnant that having a healthy and fit pregnancy was a priority for me. I vowed that I would not use pregnancy as a reason to eat whatever I wanted and be lazy. Especially knowing that I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth I knew that […]

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I keep having people come to me asking about calories and losing weight. I hear people all the time deliberate over this calorie and that calorie and their caloric intake for the day, etc. PEOPLE, please stop. It REALLY isn’t necessary. Yes, we need to burn calories to lose weight. There does need to be […]

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January Money Saving Totals

So,  I wanted to share with you all my family’s month end savings total… We usually shop exclusively at Walmart because where we live it is only less than 5 miles from our home and all other stores are much farther. Store hopping can be a waste of money when you realize that the money […]

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Easy ways to save or earn your family money

As my business is growing and expanding I am constantly finding new ways to make life easy for you whether it be through your health and fitness, spirituality, nutrition, or even a lifestyle change. My blog is all about sharing all those tips and tricks that work for me. All the fails and successes that […]

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