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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results

Well, I didn’t do a week 2 post, so this will be a recap of week 2 and 3 to give the final results of my Reset.

I have to prefeace this with one thing about me. I, personally, do not do things like the Reset, eating cleaning, and working out with some end goal in mind. Meaning, I do not do it to look good for an event, to lose weight, or anything along those lines. It is purely for my health. My goal is HEALTH.

Going into the Reset I was extremely bloated, like I looked 4-6 months pregnant. I was also getting hives everyday and didn’t know why. So, my intention was to get my body back to a healthy place to rid myself of the bloat meanwhile doing some food elimination to see if that was the cause of the bloat.

I am happy to report that the bloat is gone. The hives, however, are not. So, I guess food is not the culprit for that.

In any case, I did take before photos, but I did not take afters. Putting it simply, since it’s not my thing I just forgot. The only before measurement that I did take was my weight. I weighed myself at the end of my first two weeks and had lost 7lbs, but I forgot to take a final weight, so we will say that I lost the bloat, 7lbs, and gained a lot of energy.

Coffee was not suggested on the reset and I won’t lie, it was tough at first, but I was amazed to see that I really didn’t need it after a while. I have since gone back to it, but not because I need the caffeine, but just because I enjoy a cup of coffee on my dock overlooking the lake. Tea just doesn’t cut it for me.

All in all the Reset did for me what I wanted and I have an arsenal of new recipes that are tasty and I love them. Check out some of the pics of my food I ate below. 20150608_211821_LLS 20150609_095625 20150609_213123 20150610_121353 20150610_210041_LLS 20150611_150021 20150611_193824 IMG_20150608_081551 JPEG_20150608_085443_-966530473For week two there were lots of fruit and veggies, minimal grains. We added a detox supplement in addition to the others from week one.

Moving into week three the grains along with the detox supplement were eliminated and we still had the mineralize, alkalanize, and optimize from week one and added revitalize to help add beneficial flora into the digestive track.

I am going to be completely honest here…I fell off the reset about mid week in this last week. I am a fitness instructor and teach several classes a week. I also live on a lake with 3 unofficial step kids and company that we, so we were swimming in the lake a lot. The caloric intake for that week did not support my lifestyle. I continued to be healthy, but 100% by the book of the Reset.

Lesson here-it is all in your goals. My goal was health and to eliminate bloat. I achieved that, so I was ok with ending it early. I did not shame myself for it or feel guilty for it. You should never do that to yourself either. You will end up hating the process of creating a healthy lifestyle and you will NEVER STICK TO IT! It is what it is. Continue to do your best and don’t fret!


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