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A new way to approach eating



I am not talking about dieting here. I do not believe in dieting. I believe in healthy eating and exercise as a lifestyle. I found something that has really resonated with me and I wanted to share in hopes that you may find that it works for you as well. It is the book, “Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel. Google, find a good price, and buy it.

The idea behind the thought process follows these ten things:

  1. Your diet is a bank account (you need to balance your calories for the day). When you invest in something decadent, you balance that with something healthy, now or later. Balance big meals with small meals, sugary meals with protein and vegetables, rich choices with lean choices. If you eat cheesecake, you know you indulged. Pull back at the next meal. If you ate a giant muffin the size of your ass, you know you just ate a ton of sugar and carbs. Don’t fool yourself. Instead of pretending it didn’t happen or using it as an excuse to keep going with sugar and carbs, balance it at the next meal with a salad and lean protein. Check yourself.
  2. You can have it all — just not all at once.
  3. Taste everything, eat nothing (share food, eat small bites).
  4. Pay attention (say no to mindless eating.)
  5. Downsize your portions now.
  6. Cancel your membership in the Clean Plate Club.
  7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself (stop emotional and binge eating).
  8. Know thyself (know your trigger foods).
  9. Get real (eat more whole foods and fewer processed ones).
  10. Good for you (make peace with food)

The book goes into great detail of each of these points I have only covered a few. Here are some other things she goes into detail on in her book:

Listen to Your Food Voice (Not Your Food Noise)

Food noise is what I call that anxiety-fueled noise in your head that tells you that some foods are “bad” and some are “good,” or that you are “bad” or “good” for eating particular things in a particular way. Please remember: Nothing is fattening in small portions. Nothing! Recognize food noise for what it is: useless. It makes you think you’re not the one in control, and that’s not true. If life is a party, food noise is not invited, because it spoils all the fun. Your food voice, on the other hand, is the part of you that knows what you really want and what your body really needs. It comes from a calm place where you call the shots. We all have a food voice. My food noise might encourage me to keep eating cookies, but my food voice tells me when I’ve had enough to enjoy the food but not overdo it or regret it. It’s just hard to hear until we learn to tone down the food noise.

Pick Your Spot

If you really want something, you should have it, in a reasonable amount. If you don’t care as much about it, skip it. In Naturally Thin, I say, “You can have it all, just not all at once.” It’s the same thing, but now I tend to say, “Pick your spot.” For example, if you really want dessert, skip the cocktail. If you really want the cocktail, skip the dessert. If you really want the pasta, skip the bread. If you really want the steak, have a vegetarian lunch that day. In other words, you can and should indulge, as long as you pick the spot where indulgence means the most to you. The rest of it is just calories without a cause.

Taste Everything, Eat Nothing

When you just can’t pick a spot to indulge because there are too many choices, then taste everything, eat nothing. This means taste just a little bit of everything you really want. Use this rule at a buffet, an indulgent restaurant, a party, or any place where you know there will be many fattening choices. Make yourself a perfect little plate with small bites of the most tempting foods. If you want to go back and have a few more bites of what was really worth it, fine. This rule allows you to participate in any event and not have to feel anxiety that you missed something. You didn’t miss anything because you tasted everything.

Spot the Knockoffs

If it’s artificially sweetened, fat-free, or some other “fake” version of a real food, beware. There is evidence that artificial sweetener actually makes you crave sweets because it confuses your body, and people tend to eat more of fat-free foods because they aren’t getting that full feeling. If you really want something, a little bit of the real stuff—even soda sweetened with sugar—is better than gorging on the knockoff. (Full disclosure: I love veggie burgers, veggie nuggets, and all those “fake” meat products, because to me they are genuinely satisfying and definitely lower in fat and calories than hamburgers and chicken, and I think they taste just as good. I know that they are pretty much junk because they’re so processed, but I also like that there are no animals in them.)

It also covers one of my favorite concepts, the point of diminishing returns: The point of diminishing returns is the exact moment when a food doesn’t taste as good as it did at the first bite. You can eat anything—truffle fries, nachos, cake. Take a bite and relish every part of how delicious it is. Then take another. Is it just as good? By the third bite, if the experience has peaked and it’s not quite as good as the first bite, that’s the point of diminishing returns and it’s your signal to stop eating. (Pay attention or you’ll miss it!)

You should know that I do not get paid to promote this book I am just trying to pass on something that resonated with me. I have actually packed this book up, but I am planning on taking it back out a re-reading it for my own benefit. Let me know if you want to start a book club session and read it together, coupling it with support, conversation, etc. Also, check the reference pages listed below for two reviews of the book that go into greater detail. One is a WebMD book review!

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References: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/naturally-thin


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