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My transformation

As you can read on my About tab, my journey really  in 2009 after coming out of an abusive relationship, however, if I were to be truthful…looking back for as long as I can remember I have always been working on some kind of sports/fitness activity and some sort of fad diet. Never seeing the results that I want. I yo-yo’d up and down a lot and was never satisfied.

Over the years I have really learned that the only real way to get results is to change how I see health, fitness, and eating. Really it is a mindset change. The first thing that changed for me was the love that I had for myself. Through yoga I really learned how to tune into my body and my mind. I learned to listen to the things that I was saying to myself, my self-talk. I learned to change the negative self-talk into positive. That made all the difference. With a history of depression, lifting that dark cloud of self- loathing, self-pitty, and sadness and learning to find love within myself, not looking for it outside made it easier to stop eating food for comfort.

I now see food as it should be, fuel for my body. When my tank is low I fuel myself with high quality, nutrient dense food. I keep my body running optimally by keeping a regular workout schedule. Food is not intended to be for comfort, it is supposed to be a way to fuel your body.

Since October I have been practicing this new mindset and healthy habits, making it my lifestyle and I am finally seeing the results that I have been looking for.

Transformation February 2014


Before and After Measurements:

October 2013-February 2014

Weight 155 – 145 —> Down 10 lbs

Waist 33.5 – 29.5 —>Down 4 inches

Chest 37.5 – 36 —>Down 1.5 inches

Right Arm 12.5 – 12.25 –>Down 0.25 inch

Left Arm 12.5 – 12.25—> Down 0.25 inch

Right Thigh 25.5 – 24.2–>Down 1.3 inches

Left Thigh 25.5 – 24.2–> Down 1.3 inches


So total is 8.3 inches lost and 10 pounds! I am still a work in progress and always will be because being fit and healthy is a LIFESTYLE!

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