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3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Results

3 day Shakeology Cleanse Results collageHere are the results to my 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse. I had posted a different picture on my personal Facebook profile as well as some of my friends sharing it and we had some naysayers saying that it was fake. So upsetting when someone is working so hard on their health and fitness, having exciting results, and sharing with others. These are not pictures of a perfect, skinny, fit person….this is me the real me with flaws and all.

Below is the follow up post that I made on Facebook along with the picture posted on this post. I am just a normal girl finding what works for me, sharing it with others, and hoping to inspire others to be healthy and fit because I want people to live happy, healthy lives!

In a society that puts so much pressure on being skinny verses being healthy, full of naysayers, and negative-nellies I too have struggled with my own body image for a long time. Negative self-talk, insecurity, constantly comparing myself to others, wondering what was wrong with me, insecure to even eat in front of people. Only those riddled by this themselves can understand how much one must over come to post a photo such as this.

Falling into the fear by feeling insecure to post a photo of myself revealing so much of not only my imperfect body, but also subjecting myself to ridicule, criticism, naysayers, negative-nellies, etc I almost didn’t post.

But now I have become empowered to share my experience. Ironically it is the naysayers that have given me this new found confidence. I want to help empower others as well. I am a helper by nature and always have been. Taking in creatures of all kinds as a kid, getting into emergency medical services at the young age of 16 and still doing it, becoming a yoga instructor, teaching and promoting kickboxing, health, and fitness.

Naturally I need to continue that trend and I appreciate the support from my fellow fitness friends and junkies, family, and friends.

Pictured in the post is the results of my Shakeology 3 day cleanse that I just finished. I took several to show that this is the real me. Flaws and all. I had to show my good side as well (the full tattoo side with my favorite tattoo.) No editing done here excepting putting the collage together with a free app on my phone.

My hope is that this empowers someone else to find the strength to make the steps to live a healthy life… Mind, body, and spirit despite the ones that give you a hard time. It’s those people that give tour the courage to press on and prove them WRONG! I am here to help and encourage!



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